Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kosher Chinese

I just completed the book Kosher Chinese.   If you live and work in China the book may be a little disappointing, but for those that are interested in a light read on modern Chinese culture, history, society and politics - I highly recommend the book. 

From the publisher:
An irreverent tale of an American Jew serving in the Peace Corps in rural China, which reveals the absurdities, joys, and pathos of a traditional society in flux

In September of 2005, the Peace Corps sent Michael Levy to teach English in the heart of China's heartland. His hosts in the city of Guiyang found additional uses for him: resident expert on Judaism, romantic adviser, and provincial basketball star, to name a few. His account of overcoming vast cultural differences to befriend his students and fellow teachers is by turns poignant and laugh-out-loud funny.
While reveling in the peculiarities of life in China's interior, the author also discovered that the "other billion" (people living far from the coastal cities covered by the American media) have a complex relationship with both their own traditions and the rapid changes of modernization. Lagging behind in China's economic boom, they experience the darker side of "capitalism with Chinese characteristics," daily facing the schizophrenia of conflicting ideologies.
Kosher Chinese is an illuminating account of the lives of the residents of Guiyang, particularly the young people who will soon control the fate of the world.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Shenzhen, China lawyers/solicitors with International Experience

When hiring an attorney/barrister in China, insure that your law firm has a foreign attorney (American, British, Australian etc.) that actively manages the local Chinese attorneys and staff.

The local lawyers and law firms in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, on a whole, are far less experienced than lawyers and law firms in Beijing.  However, refrain from hiring a Beijing firm for work in Shenzhen or Guangzhou.  Local experience and connections are needed to insure an easy entry into the region because of the power of the local government.  The locals know best.

The following firms have significant experience assisting foreign clients in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and surroundings areas.  Yes, one of the firms is the firm that runs this blog. 

I am sorry if I didn't list your firm.  Please email me and I will consider listing it if it has significant experience assisting foreign clients.

The leading firms in Shenzhen assisting foreign clients in entering the Chinese market include:

1.  IPG Legal (Frank Caruso: Chair, China Practice Team, IPG)
2. King & Wood (Wang Rongkang:Decent English Skills, M & A)
3. Grandall Law Firm (Yujin Fu:  Decent English Conversation Skills)
4. V & T (Zhang Zi, Proficient in English Conversation, Hong Kong educated)